Always White and Blue!


Hello all and welcome to my first career save for FM17!

I thought long and hard about who I wanted to choose with lots of discussion with various people (Thanks all! You know who you are!) and a poll on twitter. In the end the tug of the heartstrings was too strong and I surrendered to the siren call of the real Munich club, 1860 München.

The oldest club in Munich, whose spiritual home is the ramshackle Grünwalder Stadion, 1860 originally were founded as a sports and fitness club (Turn- und Sportverein means Gymnastics and Sports Association) were originally founded in 1848. “1848?” I hear you say? Well yes, but they were banned as a hotbed of “revolutionary sentiment” in 1849 and subsequently reformed in, (you guessed it clever clogs!) 1860. The football department came in 1899 and has played (mainly) in the top two divisions of German football ever since.

1860 have had a tough existence. A club that has been beset with mismanagement and ill fortune, they remain beloved by many. In fact, you could often hear it said that more residents of Munich itself support Die Löwen than their hated red enemies. Perhaps the most poignant example of the lack of luck they suffer is that they share the Allianz Arena with Bayern to whom they have to pay rent!

A substantial amount of rent as you shall see.

After being forced to leave their home in Giesing for the Olmpiastadion and then to the Allianz Arena. The Allianz Arena groundshare was the brainchild of their President (Karl-Heinz Wildmöser) who was later found guilty and jailed as a result of bribery involved with the construction of the arena.

Further salt into the wound was the fact that initially both teams had a 50% share in the stadium but 1860, constantly beset with financial troubles, had to sell their 50% share.

Guess who bought their share? Wow! You catch on quick.

So during yet another financial meltdown, 1860 needed 8 million euro to survive. Bayern stumped up the cash but as always there was an ulterior motive. It wasn’t out of the good of their hearts, oh no, it was because if there was a default on the rent prior to 2025 then Bayern would be forced to pay 50 million in penalties.


(The Money Pit)

Take a deep breath…

Another one…

Ready? Good. 1860 are paying Bayern Munich £2.58 MILLION POUNDS PER SEASON. In the 2.Bundesliga. Ouch.

I think you get the picture. Or perhaps you need to know this just to put the icing on the cake…

There is a story of how Der Kaiser himself (Beckenbauer for those who don’t know) grew up as a rabid 1860 fan. Playing for another Munich side (SC Munich ’06), he and some of his teammates became aware that his team wouldn’t be able to support their youth system much longer. As he idolised 1860 he wished to join them but at an U14 tournament in a game vs the 1860 youth team in the final, he was constantly niggled and later came to blows with the young 1860 Munich central defender. He took this so badly that he decided to join another youth team…

The Bayern youth team…

And became a legend.

Winners of the Bundesliga in 1966 and the DFB Pokal in 1942 and 1964, 1860 have not had the success a rabid and large fanbase deserves. This must change and who better than yours truly to either lead them to glory or stick yet another nail in their coffin? As you will see in the next post, the facilities are fantastic, the potential is there and it is time for a blue dawn over the skies of Munich.

The aim of this save will be to win more Champions League trophies than Bayern. The restriction is that any players purchased may be only 18yo or younger. The rest of the players must come from the renowned 1860 youth system which has brought us such stars as the Bender Brothers (Sven and Lars), Julian Weigl and Kevin Volland to name but a few in recent times.

It’s going to be a hell of a ride.

The next posts in this series will serve for a bit of background to the club as they stand in FM17. The overview of the club and facilities, the first team squad and any promising players that reside in the youth system or 1860 II. We shall go through these and then have a bit of a chat about the tactics that we shall be attempting to impose on the club.




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